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Call for Papers: Special issue of Computational Intelligence journal on "Incentives and Trust in E-Commerce"!

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ACM EC 2012 Workshop on
Incentives and Trust in E-Commerce

Call for Papers: Special issue of Computational Intelligence journal on "Incentives and Trust in E-Commerce"!

The 1st WIT-EC workshop will be held together with the 13th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC'12) June 4-8, 2012, in Valencia, Spain, co-located with the 11th AAMAS Conference.

With the growth of electronic marketplaces, frauds in e-markets are on the rise. Some possible sources of frauds could be: 1) anonymous identities of trading parties; 2) uncertainty about quality of products due to the asymmetry of information between trading parties; and 3) the lack of interpersonal interactions among them in e-markets.

Trust and reputation mechanisms seem to be effective solutions to enhance the performance of participants in e-markets. However, they cannot show their full functionalities without proper contributions of participants in providing honest information about each other. Therefore, trust and reputation mechanisms should be accompanied with self-enforcing mechanisms in order to provide sufficient incentives for participants to disseminate and share their truthful information. On another hand, trust and reputation measures are often used as part of incentive mechanisms to promote honesty in e-markets. Thus, trust and incentives have such a bidirectional relationship.

The main objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers in both the area of game theory for designing incentive mechanisms and the area of trust and reputation modeling, towards the design of more effective trust, reputation and incentive mechanisms for creating safe e-marketplace environments.