About Me

I am a PhD student at School of Computer Engineering (SCE) and Institute of Media Innovation at Nanyang Technological University, under the supervision of Assistant Professor Jie Zhang and Professor Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann. I received my Masters in Software Engineering from National University Of Singapore and Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Pondicherry Engineering College, India. Here is my CV (PDF).

Research Interests

  • Security and Trust: Fraud Detection in E-Commerce, Secure Routing in Sensor Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent Agents, Planning under Uncertainty, Real-World AI Applications
  • Machine Learning: Clustering, Classification, Case-Based Reasoning


  • Our paper "A Scalable Framework to Choose Sellers in E-Marketplaces Using POMDPs" has been accepted at AAAI'16
  • Our paper "Filtering Unfair Ratings from Dishonest Advisors in Multi-Criteria E-Markets: A Biclustering-Based Approach" has been accepted for publication in JAAMAS'15
  • Our paper "A Case-Based Reasoning Framework to Choose Trust Models for Different E-Marketplace Environments" has been published in JAIR'15
  • Our paper "Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks via POMDPs" has been accepted at IJCAI'15
  • Source code for "A Testbed to Evaluate the Robustness of Reputation Systems in E-Marketplaces" is now available. Visit our Research Works page.
  • Achived News

Honours and Awards

  • IJCAI 2015 Travel Scholarship
  • AAMAS 2014 Travel Scholarship
  • IJCAI 2013 Travel Scholarship
  • NTU Reserach Grant 2012
  • Gold Merit Certificate (National Cyber Olympiad) 2004
  • Best Science Student Award 2003
  • Outstanding Academic Student Award (State Level) 2003