About Me

I recently completed my PhD at the School of Computer Engineering (SCE) and Institute of Media Innovation at Nanyang Technological University, under the supervision of Assistant Professor Jie Zhang and Professor Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann. I received my Masters in Software Engineering from National University Of Singapore and Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Pondicherry Engineering College, India. Here is my CV (PDF).

Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agent Systems, Planning under Uncertainty, Real-World AI Applications
  • Machine Learning, User Modelling, Fraud Detection, Information Gathering, Computational Social Science
  • Applications: E-Commerce, Social Networks, Sensor Networks


  • I successfully defended my thesis "Trust Oriented Decision Making Via POMDPs" in July 2016
  • Our paper "A Scalable Framework to Choose Sellers in E-Marketplaces Using POMDPs" has been accepted at AAAI'16
  • Our paper "Filtering Unfair Ratings from Dishonest Advisors in Multi-Criteria E-Markets: A Biclustering-Based Approach" has been accepted for publication in JAAMAS'15
  • Our paper "A Case-Based Reasoning Framework to Choose Trust Models for Different E-Marketplace Environments" has been published in JAIR'15
  • Our paper "Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks via POMDPs" has been accepted at IJCAI'15
  • Source code for "A Testbed to Evaluate the Robustness of Reputation Systems in E-Marketplaces" is now available. Visit our Research Works page.
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Honours and Awards

  • IJCAI 2015 Travel Scholarship
  • AAMAS 2014 Travel Scholarship
  • IJCAI 2013 Travel Scholarship
  • NTU Reserach Grant 2012
  • Gold Merit Certificate (National Cyber Olympiad) 2004
  • Best Science Student Award 2003
  • Outstanding Academic Student Award (State Level) 2003